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Magnetic Erasable

Console Strips!

Stop using that nasty sticky tape stuff on your expensive mixing console! Magnetic Erasable Console Strips can be written on and erased as often as you like, with the use of the included WET ERASE markers. Finer than DRY ERASE, these markers leave a high contrast black-on-white print on the strips, and will not erase from casual touching or use. Yet a damp cloth easily erases the print and leaves the strip clean for the next event. And because they are magnetic, they stick to most of today's mixers without the use of adhesives!

And mixing consoles is not the only thing erasable strips are good for. Use them on any piece of equipment you have which has a magnetic compatible surface!





Each kit contains ...

* 2 x 30" magnetic erasable strips ( 5 feet total length!)

* 3 Wet Erase pens

* Micro-Cloth and instruction sheet




$ 22.00 !

Includes FREE shipping via USPS to any address in continental USA!








No more sticky tape!

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