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Hello, my name is Larry McLean, and I have been involved with GiG Partner since the beginning of it's development in 2008. I have been significantly responsible for many of the features of the product since using it from day one.  I continue to this day to use GiG Partner as part of my own entity, "Moxie Boys". I have decided to extend my knowledge and experience of this fantastic product to help others make the most out of GiG Partner.

My services provide gathering music and lyrics for songs that you request and program them  including lyrics scrolling and "event cues" for your use in GiG Partner. I have the ability to alter the original key to one that best suits the vocal range of a singer, alter the tempo of a song etc..

The cost of providing this service is $5.00 USD per song.
I offer multiple song discounts and also other incentives for valued repeat customers.

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