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September 2018

GiG Products will soon be introducing new products on our website! Besides our software programs, we will be selling accessories for musicians and sound reinforcement. These products will be available exclusively through, so keep an eye on this website for more information.



 December 2017


An all-new version of GiG Partner is now available. GiG Partner "X" is the most siginificant update in almost ten years! To read more about the new version, click   -HERE-   to read what's new in GiG Partner.



February   2017

                                      ** GIG PRODUCTS NOW ACCEPTING ON-LINE PURCHASES **

GiG Products website now features PayPal secure purchases! Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can purchase a license for GiG Partner or Lyrics Partner on-line through the secure PayPal portal! Just click the "BUY NOW" button on the "Pricing And Ordering" link and you're all set! Then we will provide you an ACTIVATION CODE for your product via email.

Lyrics Partner now has a stretch-to-fit interface to allow you to size it to your computer screen. It also includes a "satellite screen" feature similar to GiG Partner.



May 27 2011

GiG Products is officially registered to appear at the NAMM Summer 2011 show in Nashville! This is a large music convention for buyers and distributors of music instruments and equipment. Bill and Larry will demonstrate Lyrics Partner and GiG Partner at this event July 20th through 23rd.


May 16 2011

Lyrics Partner is upgraded with a new "touch-screen friendly" interface version.  A down-loadable demo version of Lyrics Partner is now available! Musicians can try outLyrics Partner FREE for 30 days!


April 11 2011

GiG Partner and Lyrics Partnerdebut for sale on our website. Orders are done by email. On-line ordering system coming soon!


November 2010

The official gigproducts website comes on-line. Much more to come!


October 2010

GiG Partner now has a new feature - a 'satellite' screen which is designed for other performers on-stage. It shows them the lyrics box, cue events and progress bar as well as the next few songs to be played.


August 2010

An optional foot-pedal is introduced for GiG Partner and Lyrics Partner. This allows hands-free operation of the products while performing.


July 2010

The 'Auto-Scroll' feature is introduced to Lyrics Partner.


April 2010

The development of Lyrics Partner begins. Designed for the performer who do NOT use background tracks.


July, 2009

GiG Partner now supports Midi! It is working successfully to run the intelligent lighting fixtures for Moxie Boys!

November, 2008

GiG Partner is born! The new program, running on a HP laptop, is now functional and in use with the "Moxie Boys". It will continue its development path.