Software products for the performing musician

Bill_Closeup_Small.jpgHistory OF GiG Partner and Lyrics Partner

William Balestrini, a seasoned musician, had played guitar since the age of 9. Since 1985, William also had a software company specializing in inventory control and point-of-sale. His musical career and his business seemed to be two completely different worlds, until the spring of 2009 ... backstreet.jpg

William's foremost experience in music was with live performing bands. He had been the lead guitar player for "Backstreet" in the 70's, and in other entities afterwards. However, with the change of times in the music scenes, smaller musical groups seemed a more logical transition. Therefore, in 2008 William joined up with a singer/guitar player to form a two-piece band called "Moxie Boys". After a short stint playing totally acoustical venues, they agreed to begin the use of backing tracks as of a way to enhance their performances. However, the problem they found with tracks is the daunting task of being "in sync" with the music. Attempting to play newer songs, for example, would require lots of practice to ensure that the breaks are known in the music. And there was no visual cues as to song position so if you did get out of sync with the music, it could become an embarrassing situation on stage.

This is when William realized his knowledge of software development could help him create a kind of hybrid MP3 player program to solve all of the needs of playing with backing tracks.

William began to create the new software program in late 2008, and within a short time, a basic version was created and in use full-time with the "Moxie Boys" entity. Not only did it play the tracks,  it also scrolled lyrics, created visible cues and organized the sets. At that point it was now the spring of 2009 and GiGPartner was in full use!

Later in its development, William realized that he could make GiGPartner do even more. His thought was..

"If I can sync lyrics scroll events to MP3 music, what else can I make it do?"

William went back to work and within a few months, a new version of GiGPartner was introduced which had tfirstgig3.jpghe capability to control Midi events in sync with each song, such as the stage lighting devices that they were using.

GiGPartner had just taken a big leap forward! It is probably now the only product on the planet that allows you to sync Midi and DMX events to MP3 music!


William knew that not all musical groups or individuals use backing tracks, so he then created a new product which would better serve these entities, and thus Lyrics Partner was born. This new product was designed as a "song book" repacement to meet the needs of musicians who play "all-live" performances, from single person acts to large bands. 



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