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GiG Partner 'X' Official Download Page


** PLEASE READ THESE  Installation Notes FIRST **

ANTI-VIRUS: You may have to TURN OFF YOUR ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM in order to download and run the install. Some Anti-Virus programs are very over-protective and tend to kill anything they don't recognize.

GPX_SETUP: Clicking the download button causes your computer to retrieve the GPX_Setup.EXE file from our site. Some computers allow you to just contine with the install by opening that file, while other Windows installations don't like to run it straight up. For example, if you receive a message similar to .. "the requested operation requires elevation" then you are one of those lucky people! All you need to do is to simply run the install file as ADMINISTRATOR. For example, in CHROME, after the file downloads (appears on the bottom left of your browser), click the carrot '^' to the right of the file  and then click "show in folder". Then right-click the file and use RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

This also might be required after install to run GIGPARTNER.EXE the first time.

We highly suggest that you TAKE THE DEFAULT DIRECTORY to install the GiG Partner files. When prompted, simply click the big square button as indicated below ..



*  The first time you run GiG Partner, it may give an error based on your Windows version and security settings. If this occurs, simply start GiG Partner by RIGHT-CLICKING the icon, then click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. This will tell Windows that you have authority to run the program and from that point on, you should be able to just double-click it to start normally.

* Until GiG Partner is officially licensed, you will get a license screen every time you start GiG Partner. Simply click on EVALUATE to continue with the fully functional trial version. Note that after the trial has expired, you will need to provide valid activation codes in order to continue to use GiG Partner. Keep in mind that GiG Player will NOT time out regardless.

* Gig Partner 'X' is a NEW PRODUCT. Although we tested it for serveral months prior to it's release, there is always a chance we missed something. Please email us at info @ gigproducts . com if you find any issues.