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Summary of Lyrics Partner features:

-  Allows you to use a laptop as a music book library of all your songs.

-  Provides the ability to create GIGS with pre-arranged SET lists

-  Scrolls the lyrics via a foot pedal or wireless mouse, or via an Auto-Scroll value

-  Feature for setting a tempo per song, which starts a visible metronome at the start of a song

-The order of song lists during the performance can be changed any time between SET order, or Sort by Song Name, Artist or style/Genre.

-    Search for a song any time by name.

-    Queue songs ahead for special requests, etc..

Includes a Chord Transposer feature


 Benefits of Lyrics Partner:

Eliminates the need to carry around heavy binders of music to your gigs.

Looks more professional to use the foot-pedal and screen rather than flipping pages in a book.


 Reduces the dead air time between songs during your performances by having pre-arranged set lists.


 Much faster access to songs by Song Name, Artist and even Genre by pressing a single F-Key.


 Easy scroll forward/backward capabilities with optional foot-switch


 Auto-Scroll adds a nice hands-free performance feature


 The Transposer feature is a handy tool when changing song keys.


The Metronome feature allows you to specify the tempo for a song to assist you in starting the song at the appropriate speed, so that you get the timing just right.


Lyrics Partner Song Setup

1: This area allows you to define a Song, including the RTF file containing the Lyrics/Chords. You also optionally describe the Artist and Song Style.

2: Song Styles are used simply to sort songs at performance time. You can create your own list of Song Styles such as "Rock, Country" or "Fast, Slow" or whatever works for you.

3: The Metronome option allows you to set the temp for a song. The Metronome is a visible (not audio) feature during song performance to help you start with the proper timing.

4: The Auto-Scroll feature optionally scrolls the lyrics at a variable speed.


    footpedal.jpgOPTIONAL FOOT PEDAL

The optional (and highly recommended) Foot Pedal gives you stealth control of Lyrics Partner.

* USB connectivity

* During song performance mode ..

   - Scroll Lyrics Forward/Backward

   - Skip to the next song in the set/queue

   - Jump to Song List to select a song to queue up

* During Song List mode ...

   - scroll up/down through songs

   - select a song to load or queue