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   GiG Partner 'X'




Our flagship product, GiG Partner, has now been updated to "  GiG Partner 'X'  " - representing our first major release since the original was introduced in 2008 - almost 10 years ago!


Summary of GiG Partner features:



- Acts as a hybrid MP3 player playing music file in the formats ..





- Allows you to define a lyrics file for each song with the ability to have the lyrics scroll in perfect sequence with the music


- Ability to create visual Cues to indicate performance events, such as the start of a verse, or the beginning of a guitar solo, etc..


- Allows you to create Gigs with sets of music and arrange songs to fit a time format of each set.


- Can be used to play pre-arranged timed set break music


- GiG Player portion can run from multiple computers with no additional license fees required!


- Program midi events per song to control midi and DMX devices such as lights, guitar FX pedals, keyboard patch selection and more!


- Satellite Screen(s) option for attaching an additional LCD screen(s) to be used by other performers



Benefits Of GiG Partner:


 - Provides better control of your gigs by pre-arranging timed sets


 Keeps you always in sync with the background music


 - Eliminates the need for midi based software players (i.e. sound canvas) at the gig.


 - No longer a need to drag around a large binder of all your songs and lyrics


 - Gives you the ability to learn new songs faster by not having to memorize all the breaks and events of the new song prior to performing


Gives you more confidence on having a larger repertoire of songs that might not be played that often as with GiG Partner, they are  always ready to go with the cues, lyrics and chords


GiG Partner system requirements:

GiG Partner is Windows based only and does not support the Apple platforms. However, Windows based laptops and Windows based tablets are inexpensive and make an excellent and affordable choice for GiGPartner. The best device is a Windows tablet type PC device for actual performances.

Gig Partner consists of TWO programs - GiGPartner and GiGPlayer. GIGPartner requires a purchased ACTIVATION CODE to run on a single computer. However, GiGPlayer may be freely installed on more than one computer in cases where you wish to use a different laptop or tablet device for 'gigging' than one used at home for creating and managing songs, song events and sets.

GiG Partner will work fine on any computer or laptop running any Windows operating version from XP through Windows 10. However, care must be taken to not have too many operations running concurrently with GiGPartner to ensure that the performances are smooth and not interrupted. We also recommend that you turn off all windows sound events so that you do not hear these events through your PA system.


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